Outi Manninen

Outi Manninen is a doctoral researcher at the UEF Law School. Her research focuses on the interpretation of key concepts under the international access and benefit-sharing regime under the Nagoya Protocol on Genetic Resources and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), particularly from the viewpoint of what falls within the material scope of the regime. Her current work particularly focuses on interpreting the concepts of genetic resources, genetic material, derivatives and pathogenic genetic resources as well as examining the current developments with regard to the digital sequence information in relation to the scope of the CBD/Nagoya Protocol.

In addition to her research, Outi Manninen also currently works at the UEF Law School as a programme coordinator for international master’s degree programme in Environmental Policy and Law. Previously she has worked as project assistant and coordinated the UEF-UN Environment course during 2014-2015.

Work in progress: Interpretation challenge of “genetic resources”: What falls within the material scope of the Nagoya Protocol in the race of technological developments?