Maria Eugenia Recio

Maria Eugenia Recio, MPhil (Complutense University, Madrid), is a PhD researcher at the University of Eastern Finland Law School. Her work focuses on avoiding deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) with a focus on Latin America. Eugenia’s research experience includes a dozen of publications and a role as Associate Editor of the Carbon & Climate Law Review (CCLR). She coordinates the course on Forest and International Law at UEF, carries out guest lectures at the UEF’s Faculty of Forestry and has lectured on human rights at Buenos Aires University.

Eugenia has more than 15 years of practical experience in the field of environmental and forest protection at the international and national levels. Since 2009, she has reported on international environmental negotiations, especially the UN climate, biodiversity and forest negotiations through the Earth Negotiations Bulletin published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development. In Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries, she has provided technical legal assessments of national law and land tenure for the implementation of REDD+, including for the USAID Regional Climate Change Programme for Central America and the UN-REDD Programme.

Before, she has organized LAC Regional Training Programs on Environmental Law for the UN Environment Programme; implemented legal components in UNEP’s Millenium Development Goals projects in Panama and Peru; and provided technical legal analysis for REGATTA, UNEP’s platform on climate change for the LAC region. Eugenia also worked for the Spanish Ministry of Environment on international affairs and coordinated projects and publications for private and civil society actors in Spain and Argentina, including for the International Institute for Law and the Environment (IIDMA), Naturaleza para el Futuro Foundation (FUNAFU), CEMPRE and Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN).

Relevant Publications
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