Kati Kulovesi


Kati Kulovesi is Professor of International Law at the UEF Law School and Co-Director of the Centre for Climate, Energy and Environmental Law. She holds PhD and LL.M degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and LL.M degree from the University of Helsinki.

Kati's research interests include international and EU climate change law, trade-environment linkages and the impact of globalisation on (environmental) law (legitimacy, democratic deficit, fragmentation, global (environmental) law etc.) She is also interested in multidisciplinary cooperation and is a member of Finland’s statutory Climate Change Panel.

Kati's current focus at CCEEL is on research, most importantly, the ClimaSlow research project (2017-2021), funded by the European Research Council. She also manages the CCEEL research group focusing on researching and teaching international environmental and climate change law with 2 professors, 4 senior/postdoctoral researchers and 7 PhD researchers.

Kati teaches the course “WTO: Environment, Clean Energy and Natural Resources”. She has previously also taught courses on Public International Law, Climate Change Law and Policy and International Environmental Law and served as Academic Head of the UEF Master’s Degree Programme on Environmental Policy and Law (2014-16) and member of the UEF Law School’s Doctoral Programme Board (2014-15).

Kati’s other professional interests include international environmental negotiations and since 2004 she has reported from various negotiations, especially the UN climate negotiations, in the Earth Negotiations Bulletin published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development. She is also involved in the organisation of the annual 2-week UEF-UN Environment course on Multilateral Environmental Agreements that seeks to provide capacity building and training on international environmental lawmaking and diplomacy.

Kati has also worked as a carbon market lawyer and consulted various governments and organisations on climate change law and policy, including the World Bank, European Commission, Nordic Council, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, Finnish Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.