UEF Café Smart – science cafés celebrating Finland’s centenary

In recognition of Finland’s 100 years of independence, the University of Eastern Finland will organise two Café Smart science café events: one in Kuopio on Wednesday, 11 October, and the other in Joensuu on Thursday, 30 November. The themes of the science cafés will focus on phenomena that are topical in today’s Finnish society.

The Café Smart events in both Kuopio and Joensuu are free of charge and open to everyone with no registration required. Coffee will be served at the events (free of charge).


Wednesday 11 October 2017, at 15.30-16.30, Ramin Konditoria Kahvila - cafeteria, Puijonkatu 23

New prospects of technology and analytics in improving people's health

"Possibilities of Robotics in Future Rehabilitation”, Professor Pasi Karjalainen, Department of Applied Physics, UEF

How can human motion be captured by cameras and sensors, and how can this data be utilised in the assessment of rehabilitation? Can a robot help rehabilitate a stroke patient’s arm?

“Disease Preventive Function of Vitamin D”, Professor Carsten Carlberg, School of Medicine, UEF

Vitamin D is produced by the human skin when exposed to sunlight, but in dark Finnish winter months, it needs to be taken up by diet (fatty fish or fortified milk) or by direct supplementation with pills. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with many different diseases and medical conditions, highlighting the importance of an adequate vitamin D status.

The event is hosted by Ricardo Patino, Creative Director, Ad Kiivi Ltd.



Thursday 30 November 2017, at 14.30-15.30, Joensuu City Library, cafeteria Pilkku, Koskikatu 25

Consequences of globalisation phenomena at the local level

“Borders in Everyday Life”, Dr Anna Casaglia, Postdoctoral Researcher, Karelian Institute, UEF

The supposedly "borderless" world of global economic, social and cultural relations has not meant the disappearance of borders, but rather shows a substantive shift in where borders are and what border work is. Contemporary borders, and by consequence the study of them, are decentred and become more and more an everyday experience. This talk will explore the changing nature of borders and their significance specifically referring to Europe.


“English Influence on Finnish in (Social) Media”, Dr Esa Penttilä, Senior Lecturer in English, School of Humanities, UEF

English is by far the most widely spoken foreign language in Finland. In the present globalised and digitised world, the Finnish youth in particular are in constant contact with English in their everyday life. This has consequences on their Finnish use, and it can be seen, for example, in the expressions that are translated directly from English and used in both social and other kinds of media. The talk will discuss this phenomenon with the help of real life examples.

The event is hosted by Professor Jopi Nyman, PhD, DSocSc, Head of English, School of Humanities, University of Eastern Finland.


For further information, please contact: Soile Kosunen, soile.kosunen(at)uef.fi