Here you can find the latest news of Doctoral Programme in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics.

11.5.2020 The doctoral dissertation of BioMEP doctoral student Gustavo Orozco, entitled "Mechanobiological modeling of articular cartilage: predicting post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis" will be examined at the Faculty of Science and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland on 22nd May 2020 at 17.00-22.00 (Finnish time).

You can follow the event online and send comments using this link.

14.2.2020 Vahid Farrahi discusses his research in a newsletter titled "Temporal patterns and intensity of physical activity and sedentary time are associated with cardiovascular disease risk"

26.11.2019 The success story on BioMEP has been published online by EU titled "New blood for healthcare technology innovation"

5.6.2019 Vahid Farrahi discusses his research in his newsletter: "Wearable technologies are growing fast, but so are the analytical challenges"

15.9.2017 Gustavo Orozco moved from Colombia to Finland, and Thomas Notermans from the Netherlands to Sweden. Read their interviews to find out why.

4.9.2017 Sumanta Samanta and Nataliia Martyniuk have begun their PhD work. Read more at our website.

1.9.2017 The very first BioMEP student interview is now online. Find out why Yike Huang got interested in natural sciences and what has she already achieved during her first six months of of PhD work. Please also check BioMEP facebook-site for more updates.

31.7.2017 Shuvashis Das Gupta from Bangladesh has begun his work at the University of Oulu, Finland. Learn more about his project related to osteoarthritis at our website.


25.7.2017 Vahid Farrahi, Barbara Genocchi, Dao Nguyen and Lingwei Huang have begun their work in BioMEP doctoral programme. Learn more about their projects at our website!


16.6.2017 More students are beginning their interesting journey within the BioMEP doctoral programme: Amir Esrafilian and Jaakko Syrjälä. Read more about their projects at our website!


9.5.2017 Joeri Kok and Ruhunur Özdemir have also begun their doctoral studies in BioMEP doctoral school. Learn more about their projects at our website!


18.4.2017 Yike Huang recently begun with her PhD thesis work in BioMEP doctoral programme. Learn more about her topic: "DNA-origami based biosensing for medical applications" at our website.


11.4.2017 BioMEP doctoral students have interesting research projects related to various disciplines in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. Learn more about Gustavo Orozco's and Thomas Noterman's projects at BioMEP website.


10.3.2017 Three of the BioMEP doctoral students have already begun with their work and can proudly call themselves Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellows! Congratulations for all of the selected applicants and good luck for your PhD work!


20.2.2017 The Quality Assurance Handbook is now online.


13.2.2017 The evaluations of the BioMEP doctoral programme are over, and the selected applicants, applicants on the reserve list and the applicants that were not selected have all been informed about the decisions.


19.1.2017 The evaluations are almost over, but there are still some interviews left and the applicants can expect email from their prospective supervisors in the near future. The final decisions will be made as soon as possible, please be patient!


30.12.2016 The peer-review evaluation is almost complete and the applicants that are selected for an interview will be informed latest 9.1.17.


5.12.2016 The evaluation process of the applications has now begun. The applicants that will be selected for the interviews will be informed as soon as possible.


30.11.2016 The BioMEP doctoral programme call is now closed. Thank you for the numerous applications and good luck for the evaluation process for all applicants!


29.11.2016 Tomorrow is your last chance to apply to the BioMEP -Doctoral Programme. Call closes at 16:00 CET!


28.11.2016 The last three days until the BioMEP -Doctoral Programme call closes. Use this opportunity and apply!


20.11.2016 The last ten days until the BioMEP -Doctoral Programme call closes. Use this opportunity and apply!


10.11.2016 Guide for Evaluators

Guide for Evaluators has now been published and can be found in the documents.


20.10.2016 BioMEP doctoral programme has gained a lot of interest and enquires

If your future goals are related to medical physics or biomedical engineering, contact our supervisors and apply!


5.10.2016 BioMEP doctoral programme is now also in Facebook

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3.10.2016 Call for applications is now open

For details please check "How to apply".