Here you can read testimonials of our former students


- After graduating from high school, I started to study Biology with a focus on becoming a teacher, but I soon realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. However, being a pure biologist didn’t feel to be ‘my thing’ either. In addition to biology, I had always been interested in medicine and when I heard about the new Biomedicine study program in Kuopio, I got directly interested in it and applied on the next application round. After the bachelors I continued to the Molecular Medicine master program, which is a continuum for the biomedicine bachelor. During my studies, I was also working at A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, which is just next to the University campus in Kuopio.

I graduated on June 2017 and started my PhD studies at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, Germany, the next month. At the international research institute with a lot of other PhD students around the world I could compare my knowledge and skills acquired during my studies, and I feel that Molecular Medicine studies have given me a wide and comprehensive knowledge especially in the fields of genetics and molecular biology and, most importantly, the view of their applications in medical research. Most of the students have studied either natural sciences or medicine, but the combination of the both two have shown to be a perfect match in translational research, which means interplay between science and medicine. In addition to that, I have gained a lot of practical laboratory experience as well as experience in scientific writing during my studies, which I consider being my biggest strengths compared to other students.

My PhD thesis deals with characterizing the molecular basis behind pediatric glioma. The aim of the study is to finally bring a better understanding or even a new treatment option for this brain cancer. There is a lot to learn every day, but I feel that I couldn’t have much better basis for starting the project. Since my doctoral studies are still in their infancy, I have not decided whether I would like to stay at the academia or rather go in to industry after graduation. Luckily, there’s again a few more years to think about that.

I recommend Molecular Medicine master studies especially for those interested in medical research. Apart from studying, Kuopio is a lively and nice city with lots of activities. I had a lot of fun during my student life, thanks to the active student associations and friends gotten during the studies. If I had a chance to choose my studies now again, I would choose Molecular Medicine in Kuopio with no doubt.



- I graduated from the unique and high-quality study programme of Biomedicine in spring 2016. When I applied to study Biomedicine, it was a new study programme and it sounded a very interesting opportunity for me who has always been fascinated by medicine, but did not really see myself as a medical doctor. Thus Biomedicine was a perfect choice for me, combining the best sides of medicine and natural sciences in a unique and challenging way.

After graduation, I have been doing my PhD in a canine genetics research group in the University of Helsinki. In my doctoral thesis I am studying canine anxieties by a non-targeted metabolomics approach in order to identify novel anxiety-related biomarkers and genetic risk factors which would reveal associated pathways offering novel understanding of anxiety pathogenesis across species. Since non-targeted metabolomics studies provide large and complex data of the whole metabolome, strong competence in biochemistry, molecular medicine and bioinformatics is required. The MSc programme in Biomedicine offered me excellent competence and qualifications to do this kind of high-quality research.

My plans after the dissertation are still open but I am interested to continue with metabolomics and canine research. However, I see that my future career will more probably be in the industry rather than in the academic world.



- I am currently working as a PhD student in Hematology Research Unit in Helsinki and in January 2017 I will start my four-year UH-funded position in the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research at the University of Helsinki. The topic of my PhD studies is about novel immunotherapeutic drugs in cancer treatment, focusing on the effects of these novel therapeutics to patients’ immune system.

I completed my Master of Science degree in Biomedicine, from University of Eastern Finland in October 2016. The Biomedicine degree program provided me comprehensive scientific education to contribute in biomedical research. The degree program is well balanced with adequate amount of practical work combined with up to date theoretical knowledge of biomedicine and bioinformatics. The practical skills and basic theoretical knowledge has helped me a lot during my research training, however, what I found most useful is that during my studies I learned how to read and write scientific articles, think critically and design studies/procedures and also how to prepare and perform scientific presentations. All of these skills have proven its worth in many occasions during my studies in UEF and during my current PhD training.

I have always been interested in medicine, science and human biology and for long time I wasn’t sure how to combine these interests into a profession. I was studying my second year in UEF in the Bioscience program under the Faculty of Natural Sciences as the study program moved under the Faculty of Health Sciences and the master’s degree program was changed to Biomedicine with emphasis in human biology and molecular medicine. At that moment I was sure that this is the field I want to study and contribute in future.

I chose UEF and Kuopio as my first choice when applying to the university after graduating from upper secondary school. I wanted to study in Kuopio since I knew that the former University of Kuopio was known to be as health and medicine focused university so the history of medical education in Kuopio is long and good quality. Addition to that Kuopio is a beautiful city surrounded by lake Kallavesi and known to its friendly and jovial people that make the very core of Savonian culture.