Jukka Pumpanen, PhD, Professor

Expertise: Climate change; greenhouse gas fluxes; fire ecology; boreal and arctic ecosystems

E-mail: jukka.pumpanen (a) uef.fi

Phone: +358 50 448 6127

Room number: Snellmania 4131


2015-2018 Academy of Finland: Long term effects of fire on carbon and nitrogen pools and fluxes in the arctic permafrost and subarctic forests (ARCTICFIRE)

2015-2017 Foundation for Finnish Natural Resources: Biochar as a tool for soil quality; can the biochar be used for increasing tree stand productivity and storing carbon into the soil


My background is in soil science and forest ecology. Most of my career, I have worked on topics related to ecosystem ecology, mainly on greenhouse gas and water fluxes and effects of disturbances on ecosystem carbon and nitrogen cycles. My overall aim is to get a comprehensive understanding on biogeochemical processes affecting carbon and nitrogen cycle in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Currently, I am studying processes related to the decomposition of soil organic matter. In particular, the mechanisms of the decomposition of soil organic matter and the role of living rhizosphere in decomposition. My other major research topics are the effects of disturbances (e.g. wild fires, forest harvesting and herbivory) on soil carbon and nitrogen pools and fluxes. In my most recent research project, we are studying the effect of wildfires on permafrost thawing in Canada and in Siberia.  I am also interested in the effects of black carbon and biochar on soil organic matter decomposition and nutrient availability in boreal forest soils.

I completed my PhD at the University of Helsinki Department of Forest Sciences in 2004. (PhD thesis title: CO2 efflux from boreal forest soil before and after clear-cutting and site preparation). During my post doc years, I have studied carbon allocation in trees using 14C and 13C isotopes, the role of root and rhizosphere respiration in forest carbon balance and lateral transport of dissolved organic and inorganic carbon between terrestrial and aquatic systems.

I recently moved from the University of Helsinki to the University of Eastern Finland. My research activities (projects, publications etc.) until the end of 2015 can be found on the research data base of the University of Helsinki.