DEFROST - A changing cryosphere – depicting ecosystem-climate feedbacks as affected by permafrost, snow and ice (Nordic Center of Excellence)

Principal investigator: Prof. Pertti Martikainen

Funding period: 2011-2015 (NordFORSK)









DEFROST is one out of three Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE) that in 2010 were granted for a five year period under the Nordic Top-level Research Initiative (TRI) and its largest subprogramme on "Interaction between climate change and the cryosphere.

DEFROST gathers internationally recognized leading Nordic experts with the goal of together improving our understanding of how climate change induced changes in the cryosphere (permafrost, snow and ice) influences ecosystem processes known to be affecting climate. We focus on key cryospheric components of land as well as freshwater and ocean systems that have the potential for giving rise to substantial changes in ecosystem-climate feedback mechanisms.

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