Christina Biasi, PhD, Research Director

Expertise: Biogeochemical cycling; greenhouse gas fluxes; stable isotopes

E-mail: christina.biasi (a)

Phone: +358 40 355 3810

Room number: Snellmania 4128/2

Projects: Yedoma-N; MICA; COUP; NOS-A; DEFROST; NOCA


My general research interests lie in the area of ecology and environmental science, more specifically in the field of  biogeochemistry, soil ecology, microbiology, atmosphere-biosphere interactions, climate change research and ecosystem ecology. I am particularly interested in microbial and biogeochemical processes underlying greenhouse gas (GHG) dynamics and carbon and nitrogen cycling in soils.

Since the beginning of my carrier, my research has been centered on two major themes:

  1. Effects of climate change on biogeochemical cycles, GHG fluxes and underlying microbial processes
  2. Impact of land-use change on carbon and nitrogen cycling in soils with specific focus on soil carbon sequestration potential and microbial dynamics.

I focus particularly on bioprocesses and on the regulation of microbial mediated processes leading to greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, N2O, CH4) in northern ecosystems (boreal/Arctic), but I have also experience with studies in temperate regions. To study and quantify the fluxes, biogeochemical processes and microbial activities I use, next to traditional methods, especially modern isotopes tools in this research area. This technique provides a better understanding of processes in environmental systems, as a major step towards better understanding ecosystem responses to e.g. climate change.  I enjoy also applying microbial molecular methods and linking them with studies on microbial community structure (e.g. 13C-PLFA) in order to better understand microbial functioning. Most excitement for me comes from integrating process studies at various scales e.g. from the molecular to the ecological level, and to gain more in-depth know-how on environmental interactions.

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