Hem Raj Bhattarai, MSc, Doctoral Student

Expertize: Greenhouse gas and HONO fluxes in boreal ecosystems

E-mail: hemraj.bhattarai (a) uef.fi

Phone: +358 50 525 2214

Room number: Snellmania 3030

Projects: OHNO2, HONO



I completed my bachelor’s degree in “Environmental Science” from Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus from Nepal in 2010. Later on, I got enrolled as a master degree student in “Central Department of Environmental Science” (CDES) in Tribhuvan University in Nepal for a year (2011-2012). My journey to pursue study on greenhouse gases and climate change began at the end of 2012 from the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). After my master degree in “Environmental Biology” from UEF in 2014, I got the opportunity to extend my master topic on emissions of nitrous acid gas (HONO).

Current Research

As an early stage researcher in Biogeochemistry Research Group (BGC), I aim to study the emissions of HONO and its pathway from different soils types of northern region. HONO is one of the important sources of hydroxyl radical (OH); one of the main oxidizing agent in our atmosphere. It has been recently found that soils are also emitting HONO and its emission is linked with the soil nitrogen (N) dynamics e.g. nitrification. However, knowledge on other soil N processes e.g denitrification is still obscure. Therefore, throughout my research duration, I will focus on identifying the HONO emissions hotspots and understand the potential mechanism behind it, for e.g. exploring the relative contribution of soil microbes in HONO formation. In addition, my focus will be also on knowing the relationship between various soil properties (e.g. water content, pH, and N) and HONO emissions.

Research Interest

  • Biogeochemical processes in Terrestrial and Arctic ecosystems
  • Emissions of HONO and greenhouse gases from different biomes
  • Application of stable isotopes in soil biogeochemical processes
  • Climate change and sustainable development

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