2019 Biocenter Kuopio (BCK) and Faculty of Health Sciences Infrastructure User Survey

This survey is directed to current and future users of BCK and faculty`s infrastructures.

Biocenter Kuopio and UEF research infrastructures provide services to local and national users.

This user survey is conducted to obtain information on the use and performance of the BCK infrastructures and infrastructures of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Results of this survey will be also used for supporting BCK and Faculty of Health Sciences infrastructure strategy planning work.

Link to the survey: https://elomake.uef.fi/lomakkeet/22116/lomake.html

Completing this survey should only take 5-15 minutes of your time. Results will be always presented anonymous.
Last day to answer to the survey is 18.3.2019.

Your feedback is very important to us!

Anna-Liisa Levonen
Vice Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

If you have any questions, please contact Biocenter Kuopio coordinator Joanna Huttunen (joanna.huttunen (at) uef.fi) of financial coordinator of the Faculty of Health Sciences Jussi Keinänen (jussi.keinanen (at) uef.fi).