Date    Monday the 7th of September, 2015

Place   University of Eastern Finland, Aurora building, Joensuu

Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies and the UEF Business Schooll together with the scientific committee of the ATMC conference organizes a doctoral research seminar in tourism business at the University of Eastern Finland Joensuu Campus.


Program  (download here)

Program         Monday the 7th September


             9.00    Welcome, introduction of the supervisors and participants


9.45  "How to tackle the doctoral studies and the research process", young doctor Juho Pesonen sheres his experiences

10.30    coffee break (in the university cafeteria, on everyone's own account)


11.00 – 13.00

Session 1

Juergen Gnoth, Antti Honkanen, Raija Komppula

Session 2

Metin Kozak

Juho Pesonen


Riina Latvala presents,

Erose Staphit opponent

Jarno Suni presents,

Olga Galado opponent


Ekaterina Miettinen presents,

Alma Raissova opponent

Lenna Shulga presents

Natalia Tur opponent


lunch (university cafeteria, personal expense)

lunch (university cafeteria personal expense)


Session 1

Juergen Gnoth, Raija Komppula

Session 2

Metin Kozak, Juho Pesonen, Antti Honkanen


Erose Staphit presents

Riina Latvala opponent

Natalia Tur presents

Lenna Shulga opponent


coffee break (university cafeteria, personal expense)

coffee break university cafeteria, personal expense


Alma Raissova presents

Ekaterina Miettinen opponent


Olga Galado presents

Jarno Suni opponent

16.00-17.00 Giang Quach presents, all participants comment


17.00 – 17.15  Sum up, conclusions


Who should participate?

Doctoral students, who are doing research in the field of tourism business studies (marketing, management, entrepreneurship etc.), or whose topic has connections with tourists or tourism enterprises (e.g. in human geography) are welcome to the seminar.

The maximum number of participants will be 15. There will be parallel groups, based on topics.

Students are to present a paper during one of the parallel sessions. The PhD students have to be registered at the conference as a student participant. The same paper cannot be presented both at the conference and in the PhD seminar. The doctoral seminar will be free of charge for registered conference members. At the doctoral seminar, lunch, coffee and beverages are at the participants' own cost.


Purpose of the seminar

The aim of the seminar is to help each student in his/her research process by giving supervision to each individual work. After each presentation (15 min) we will have at least 30 minutes time for discussion. Research papers (research proposals, individual articles for an article based on the dissertation etc.) will be first presented by the author, then commented by one of the other students, and then discussed together with supervisors.  The student may present any kind of paper s/he would need help with.


Enrolment for the seminar

Enrolment for the seminar by 14th of June by sending a one page abstract of the paper to be presented. The abstract should be sent to in Word-format.

The abstract should contain the following information:

- title of the paper

- name, contact information and affiliation of the author

- type of the paper (research plan, individual article, theory part of the study, method part of the study etc.)

- purpose of the study

- theoretical underpinnings (i.e. to which theoretical discussions does the study contribute)

- methods

Notification of acceptance will be sent to the doctoral student by 19th of June.

Final paper

Final papers should be sent to by 2nd of August in WORD-format.  Instructions for the final paper:


1.      Title page should contain

-  title of the paper

-  name, contact information and affiliation of the author

-  type of the paper (research plan, individual article, theory part of the study, method part of the study etc.)


2.      The paper to be presented should contain

-  Introduction

o   background, research gap, purpose of the study

-  Theory chapter

o   theoretical underpinnings (i.e. to which theoretical discussions does the study contribute)

-  Method

o   methods of data collection and data analysis

-   What is the major problem that the student wishes to get advice at the doctoral seminar

-  Reference list


The paper should not exceed 20 pages (excluding references), Times New Roman 12. Please use APA style when formatting your paper.   


If you wish to get credits, you must present a paper and comment on another's paper (written comments, instructions will be given as soon as we have the list of participants).