The working language of the programme is English. The programme consists of basic studies courses (Bachelor's level courses). As a rule, no previous studies in the subject are required.

Most courses are completed through book exams and independent study, but the programme also includes lectures, written assignments, and discussions. Students can select courses according to their personal interests and needs.

Courses 2020–2021

Biblical studies 5 ECTS

2417101 Introduction to Biblical Studies 5 ECTS (autumn, spring)

Church History 5 ECTS

2427201 Church History (Western Theology) 5 ECTS (autumn, spring)


2437201 Church History (Orthodox Theology) 5 ECTS (autumn, spring)

Systematic Theology 5 ECTS

2427301 Introduction to Systematic Theology (Western Theology) 5 ECTS (autumn, spring)


2437301 Patristics (Orthodox Theology) 2 ECTS (autumn, spring)
2437302 Dogmatics and History of Dogma (Orthodox Theology) 3 ECTS (autumn, spring)
or 2437303 Theology of the Icon (Orthodox Theology) 3 ECTS (autumn, spring)

Practical Theology 5 ECTS

2427401 Practical Theology I Western Theology 3 ECTS (autumn, spring)
and 2427402 Practical Theology II Western Theology 2 ECTS (autumn, spring)


2437401 Introduction to Liturgical Life (Orthodox Theology) 3 ECTS (autumn, spring)
and 2437402 Religious Education (Orthodox Theology) 2 ECTS (autumn, spring)

Optional courses min. 5 ECTS

2437701 Introduction to Orthodox Church Music 2 ECTS (autumn, spring)
2417601 Introduction to the History of Comparative Religion 2 ECTS (autumn, spring)
2427501 Religious Education (Western Theology) 2 ECTS (autumn, spring)
Or any other course offered by the School of Theology 1–4 ECTS

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