Strategic planning and project management in Finnish-Russian cooperation context (4 ECTS)

Speak Business!

Are you interested in project management, strategic business planning or cross-border cooperation between Finland and Russia? Do you have a business idea, but need support to implement your vision? Do you want to strengthen your professional skills? Are you hoping to expand your network?

First time ever University of Eastern Finland and RANEPA (Petrozavodsk, Russia) are organizing a joint course on strategic planning and project management which is organized on the both sides of the border. The joint training programme gives an amazing opportunity to work together on new business and cooperation ideas and learn from each other. In addition, participants’ smooth cooperation is supported by guided language learning.


This course will give you knowledge on how to plan, manage and execute a successful international business project. You will also learn about communication in international business setting and practice your foreign language skills. This course will give you basic knowledge on international sales and marketing strategy. During the course you will get an opportunity to use your new skills in practice while making a business project plan in cooperation with the Russian students.

Language of the course is English.


Learning outcomes:

Knowledge related

  • Student understands the basics of project management and international business;
  • Student understands the peculiarities of business communication and cooperation in international field;
  • Student is familiar with the tandem method in language learning and can use it in learning foreign languages.

Skills related

  • Student analyses the trends and realities of foreign business environment in relation to own business planning;
  • Student identifies threats and opportunities for doing business abroad;
  • Student integrates the knowledge on threats and opportunities into marketing and sales planning;
  • Student strengthens the mastery in foreign language (Finnish / Russian / English).


Teaching methods:

  • Interactive face-to-face meetings: lectures, in-class collaborative learning, group work, guided online meetings (21 hours)
  • Independent individual learning: reading package, business planning assignment (87 hours)
  • Complementary: online studying 
  • Literature: Jobber, D. & Lancaster, G. (2009). Selling and Sales Management (8th or 9th edition). Prentice Hall, Harlow.



  • Dr. Saara Julkunen (Associate Professor, Director of UEF Business School)
  • Dr. Jonna Koponen (PhD, Lecturer)  
  • MSc Anu-Riikka Kolari (UEF Business School Project Researcher, Lecturer)
  • MA Irina Tere (Centre for Training and Development Aducate, Trainer, Career Councellor)



Assessment (based on in-class activity and individual assignment): pass/fail


The course is aimed for anyone interested in project management, strategic business planning, or cross-border cooperation between Finland and Russia. Participants can be students in UEF or otherwise interested in the subject. Five places are reserved for UEF students and 5 for continuing education students.

Participants who know either Finnish or Russian language are preferred.

If you’re UEF student, you can include this course e.g. to following study programmes:

  • Karelia, Russia and the Baltic Area Study Programme
  • Projektiosaamisen opintokokonaisuus
  • Venäjä- ja rajatutkimuksen perusopintokokonaisuus

Also, there are several other study modules where you can include this course. Please ask more from the organizers.

Kesto, laajuus ja rakenne

The course is 4 ECTS. It includes independent learning, interactive contact meetings and group work.

Face-to-face meetings are held in Joensuu.

The course starts with independent learning period and you can start whenever you want as soon as you’ve been accepted to the course.

Course schedule:

  • Independent learning period 1 until 27.8.2020
  • Contact days* together with RANEPA students in September in Joensuu:
    • 8.9.2020, at 9:00-16:00
    • 9.9.2020, at 9:00-16:00
    • 10.9.2020, at 9:00-14:00
  • Independent learning period 2, incl. 3 online meetings, 11.9.-1.10.2020.

After this course, there's a possibility to attend an additional 2 ECTS exchange course "Strategic Planning and Project Management – exchange to Russia", which is organized in Petrozavodsk on 6.-9.10.2020.

*If the Covid-19 -situation continues, the contact days will be held online on the same dates.

Hinta, osallistujamäärä

Course is carried out by project SpeakBusiness.

Teaching and materials are free for the participants. Other costs will be paid by the participants themselves.

During the optional exchange trip to Russia, the project will cover participants' meals, accommodation, visa and travel costs (excl. travel insurance). 


Sonja Kortelainen, Project coordinator

sonja.kortelainen@uef.fi, 050 433 9254


Senni Pykäläinen, Project secretary

senni.pykalainen@uef.fi, 050 597 3936


Link to registration.

Registration is binding. Group's maximum size is 10 students.

The course is now FULL, but students can sign up for a queue. We will send information to all registered participants on 11.8. at the latest.

Participants are selected in the order of enrolment. You will receive course instructions and you can start studying as soon as your enrolment has been accepted.


The course is organized by SpeakBusiness, a Karelia CBC Programme project funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. The project is implemented together with RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Karelian Branch), Karelian Education Development Fund and Management Institute of Finland.