Environmental Impact Assesment Law in Transition

Environmental Impact Assessment Law in Transition (EIALAW) is a key project funded by the Academy of Finland. Project is led by Professor in Environmental Law Ismo Pölönen.

The EIALAW project develops concrete models for the re-design and implementation of environmental impact assessment legislation in Finland, and provides practical guidance and advice for various actors operating in the field.

The project is implemented in 2016–2018 in close partnership with the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, regional EIA authorities, the Finnish Association for Impact Assessment, and the EIA Centres in the UK, Denmark and Canada. Furthermore, the end-users of the results and services of the EIALAW project include private and public developers, environmental consultants, courts, advocates, citizens and NGOs interested in the EIA procedure.

In addition to Prof. Pölönen, the project's researchers also include Arja Halinen, MSc, LLB, and Juha Perho, MSocSc, MScA.

For further information, please contact:

Professor Ismo Pölönen, Law School, tel. +358 40 594 6024, ismo.polonen(at)uef.fi


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