Among other things, sociology studies what happens in society, why things are as they are and how they could be different. Sociologists are also interested in how people interact with each other, and what kind of processes govern the social activity of people and their thinking.

In addition, sociology studies how social welfare or malaise are created, what causes inequality, (in)justice and discrimination, how human activity depends on the community and the relationships with other people, and the empathy and solidarity gaps linked to these themes. The operation of the education and labour markets as well as different organisations and groups are also of interest. During the studies, sociological thinking is developed by studying sociological concepts and observations of social structures and social activity, or how society, institutions and organisations operate, what makes social order possible, and what threatens it.

Sociologists work as experts, coordinators and researchers in public administration, marketing and advertising companies, universities and research institutions, organisations, foundations, and international organisations, and as journalists in media or as entrepreneurs, among other things.

In the University of Eastern Finland, you can study sociology as a major subject at our Joensuu and Kuopio campuses.