Social psychology

Social psychology studies the societal and cultural formation of a person’s selfhood, the interaction between people, and the activities of groups, organisations and communities. According to the research focuses of the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Eastern Finland, issues related to health and well-being are of special interest.

Social psychology offers tools for understanding the phenomena of people’s everyday lives in their social contexts. It helps with answering such questions as:

  • How is people’s experience of their selfhood and relationship with other people constructed?
  • How do people cope with great changes in their lives?
  • How do people live and work together with other people in different kinds of groups, organisations and communities?
  • How can relationships and interactions between people promote the experience of well-being?

Social psychologists work with the state, municipalities, companies, educational institutions and organisations in expert positions such as researchers, coordinators, managers, trainers and communications specialists.

At the University of Eastern Finland, you can study social psychology as a major subject at our Kuopio Campus.