Social pedagogy

Social pedagogy is a relatively new field in Finland; it is situated between educational science and social and public policy. As an academic field, social pedagogy leads the students to investigate issues related to human growth, functionality, active citizenship, social trust, inclusion, education, general knowledge, guidance and advice. In social pedagogy, the questions of growth and education are studied in a variety of ways at the various stages of human life.

Social pedagogy studies the growth of people in the community and society and develops pedagogical methods to strengthen inclusion and well-being. Social pedagogy is interested in the processes of human growth in connection with issues such as integration into society and the identity of the individual. In addition, it also focuses on the specific problems related to these processes and the pedagogical activity that promotes inclusion in society and prevents and mitigates exclusion. At the University of Eastern Finland, studies in social pedagogy can be focused on issues of early childhood and youth pedagogy as well as andragogy, depending on each student’s own interests.

Social pedagogues work with the state, municipalities, companies, educational institutions and organisations in expert positions such as researchers, coordinators, managers, trainers and communications specialists.

In the University of Eastern Finland, you can study social pedagogy as a major subject at our Kuopio Campus.