Social work

Research into social work focuses on the psychosocial problems of customers, methods of social work, theoretical self-awareness in the field, and on the administration, management and development of social work. The following themes in social work research are emphasised at the University of Eastern Finland:

Research in child, youth and family social work focuses on child welfare, the inclusion and rights of children and young people, and the tools and possibilities of social work for intervening in problems through methods of psychosocial and structural social work.

Research into rehabilitative social work and social health care deals with the social rehabilitation of the aged, disabled, ill, addicted and violent as well as social work inside health care organisations and rehabilitative work activity as a statutory field of social work.

Research into the methods, ethics and theory of social work concentrates on the professional system of social work and the values, norms and ethics related to social work, along with the assessment of the effectiveness of work methods.

Social work research is connected to the department's other focus areas in research, and to the top-level international field of research of Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters and emerging fields of research Effectiveness in Healthcare and Social Services and Welfare Ruptures: Recognising Uncertainties, Finding Solutions.