Youth in Time

Youth in Time (2015–2025) is an umbrella project which employs researchers from the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Youth Research Network. It involves an exceptional qualitative longitudinal study. The Youth in Time research project follows the lives and growth into adulthood of approximately 100 young people, born in 2000 in different areas of Finland, until 2025. For the University of Eastern Finland, researchers in the project include Mari Käyhkö, D.Soc.Sc., Päivi Armila, D.Soc.Sc., and Ville Pöysä, M.Soc.Sc.. The project is coordinated and funded by the Finnish Youth Research Society.

Among the approximately 100 young people participating in the research project – and under the material collection responsibility of the University of Eastern Finland – there are approximately 20 young people from Eastern Finland, who have been contacted via an upper comprehensive school in rural Eastern Finland. During the project, the young people have been interviewed and will be interviewed several times, and research material is also collected using many different creative methods (stimulating discussions, the roaming method, the lifeline technique, etc.). Because the project lasts for ten years, research results will be published at different stages and focusing on different questions. One key aspect of the project is studying the importance of the socio-political zeitgeist and living areas in providing a framework for the young people’s life choices and life courses.