Young People's Life in the Sparsely Populated Periphery of Finland

Young People's Life in the Sparsely Populated Periphery of Finland (‘Notes from the margins: Hylkysyrjä village’) is a multidisciplinary research project continuum invented by the sociology researchers at the University of Eastern Finland; its original object of interest was the risk of educational exclusion among young people living in remote areas of Finland. As the project has progressed, its research questions have diversified to include issues such as the study of how easy everyday life is for young people in remote areas, their opportunities for spending their leisure time, the realisation of their rights, growing into adulthood, and gender representation.

The project has had a great variety of different materials, from statistics and local documentary materials to interviews and observations. The publicity received by the Hylkysyrjä project has also inspired researchers studying the lives of adults, which can be seen in analyses focusing on rural social work or the reuse of village schools that have been closed down, for example. In fact, in 2016 the Hylkysyrjä project can already be seen as an umbrella activity that has been going on for years with no clear beginning or end, and that merges several ongoing projects together; these include the project Young People in Remote Villages and Municipal Welfare Services (SYRHY, 2015–2016) and the Youth in Time follow-up study project (2015–2025).

The book Reunamerkintöjä Hylkysyrjästä: Nuorten elämänraameja ja tulevaisuudenkuvia harvaanasutulla maaseudulla (in Finnish) about the project was published in Helsinki on 18 May 2016. The book is edited by sociologists from the University of Eastern Finland, Päivi Armila, D.Soc.Sc., and Mari Käyhkö, D.Soc.Sc., as well as Terhi Halonen, M.A. (Education), and it is published by the Finnish Youth Research Society.