Postgraduate studies at the Department of Social Sciences

Postgraduate degree education is an important task of our department. During postgraduate education, students gain the ability to work in challenging academic research and teaching positions and in specialist tasks in society that require academic expertise. It is possible to complete postgraduate studies in all of the major subjects at the Department of Social Sciences. As a rule, the postgraduate students at the Department of Social Sciences are placed either in the Doctoral Programme in Social and Cultural Encounters (SCE) or the Doctoral Programme in Welfare, Health and Management (WELMA).

Both doctoral programmes are international and multidisciplinary joint doctoral programmes of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies and the Philosophical Faculty. The SCE doctoral programme is directed towards postgraduate students in the faculties’ different fields, whose research is focused on different kinds of cultural, social and societal phenomena in changing environments. The WELMA doctoral programme is specifically focused on the study of the prerequisites, structures and processes of well-being, social welfare and health care, welfare ruptures, and the effectiveness of care and services of social welfare and health care.

You can find more information about the doctoral programmes at the website of each programme. There you can also find information about the application process, eligibility, the doctoral programme-specific selection criteria, the structure of postgraduate studies and the requirements for postgraduate theses. In addition, you can find the contact information of the doctoral programmes and links to the necessary forms on the doctoral programmes’ websites.

Head of Academic and Student Affairs Annikki Honkanen, tel. +358 29 44 55063, annikki.honkanen(at)
Head of Academic and Student Affairs (fixed-term) Anne Korhonen, tel. +358 29 44 55126, anne.m.korhonen(at)

Amanuensis Hanna Reinikainen, tel. +358 29 44 55236, hanna.reinikainen(at)
Coordinator Maiju Parviainen, tel. +358 029 44 52078 , maiju.parviainen(at)