About the VERA Centre

VERA Centre for Russian and Border Studies supports the border, border area and Russia related expertise at the University of Eastern Finland. As a multi-disciplinary centre it consists of researchers from different disciplines. It strengthens the strategy of the University and corresponds to the need for increasing multi-disciplinary research on borders and border areas in Russia and Europe.

The VERA Centre functions in close cooperation with international, national and regional actors and supports joint activities related to development and project planning. 

The name ‘VERA' comes from a combination of two Finnish words: ‘Venäjä' meaning Russia and ‘raja' which means border hence, summing up the Centre's thematic focus. The Centre involves researchers from history, human geography, regional studies, social policy, political science, international relations, anthropology, sociology, and business.

The foundation period (2011-2014) of VERA Centre was supported by the University of Eastern Finland, European Social Fund, North Karelia Regional Council. VERA works in close co-operation with local, regional, national and international partners.