Publications of UEF-UNEP Course on MEAs

Negotiator's handbook

The Handbook provides a practical reference tool that enhances the capacity of those working on MEAs and involved in international negotiations.

International Environmental Law-making and Diplomacy Reviews

The articles contained in the Review are mostly based on lectures or presentations given during the Course, but take their subject matters further as the authors explore their ideas. The Review has also been proud to receive ongoing contributions through the various editions – the same writers have contributed several papers and thereby been able to develop their ideas and themes – of persons who have been involved in some of the most important environmental negotiations in the past several decades. Thus, the experiences, insights and reflections of these environmental leaders and insightful analysts are now recorded and disseminated, where they might not otherwise have been committed to print. In addition, an ongoing feature of the Review has been the publication of papers by Course participants – this has seen many fresh ideas and new research included in the Review.

In 2012, an anonymous peer-review process was made possible for writers.

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