Silenced Traumas - Soviet Partisans' Attacks

Kirsi Laurén’s research Silenced Traumas: Narratives about Soviet Partisans’ Attacks in Finland’s Borderland of North-Western Lapland (Vaiennetut traumat: suomalaisten kertomukset neuvostopartisaanien iskuista Koillis-Lapin rajaseuduilla) focuses on traumatic memories of the Continuation War (1941–1944) and the Soviet partisans who attacked remote villages in Finland’s Lapland. The partisans killed 180 civilians in Finland, the majority of whom were women, children, and elderly people. Until today, these killings have been silenced in Finland, and have not been included in official historiography. Laurén will examine the witness stories and trauma narratives about these killings by applying the concept of trauma within the theoretical framework of narratological research and oral history. The central research questions are: In which way are the partisan attacks narrated? How traumatic experiences have affected the lives of the villagers and the perceptions of the Finnish-Russian border? The overall ambition is to reveal how personal narratives develop into a metadiscourse on history. Dr. Laurén works in the project 1.1.2017-30.9.2018.

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