Tuition fees and scholarships - non-EU/ETA students

Tuition fee for EU/ETA students: 0 € / year

Tuition fee for non-EU/ETA students: 8000 € / year

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the University of Eastern Finland, all new students admitted in 2020 are eligible to receive a partial tuition waiver. In the Master’s Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management, the tuition waiver is 50% of the annual tuition fee. For the second year of study, tuition waivers are available to students who have completed a minimum of 55 ECTS of studies included in their degree, during their first year of study.


Starting from 2017 onward, an annual tuition fee in the Master's Degree Programme Tourism Marketing and Management for non-EU/EEA students of 8.000 euros will be applied. The tuition fee will remain the same for students throughout the entire time of their degrees.


Selection of students for the scholarship at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

All the applicants eligible for admission in every international master’s degree programme of the faculty are evaluated according to the point-ranking system described in the admission criteria of the programme in question.

Further information on application criteria see:

Application period

2 December 2019 - 22 January 2020 at 15.00 (GMT+2)

Tuition fee

The tuition fee is 8000 € per academic year for the Master's Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management.

What does the tuition fee include?

The tuition fee includes the studies included in the degree (120 ECTS) and studies-related counselling and supervision.

In addition:

  • Assistance in applying for student housing
  • An orientation programme
  • An appointed student tutor
  • Access to IT services
  • Wireless Internet access on campus, computer classrooms available 24/7
  • Free use of the Library
  • Finnish Language courses

How to apply for a scholarship?

The scholarship is applied for when applying for admission to the university by filling out the relevant section of the application form. The decision about the scholarship is made in connection with student admission, and the student is notified of the matter in the letter of acceptance.

The scholarship is personal and it is awarded for two academic years.

See the criteria here.

The scholarship exempts the student from the tuition fee partially (50 %). Students who are awarded a scholarship are required to sign and return a scholarship payment form to the programme coordinator before the payment of the scholarship can begin.

All students who are accepted to study in Tourism Marketing and Management programme are eligible for Visit Karelia Scholarships during their first and second year:

Payment of the tuition fee

To be confirmed during Autumn 2019.

Other mandatory fees

All degree students of the university are members of the Student Union. The Student Union membership fee is 126 € per academic year.

The Student Union membership fee entitles the student to, for example:

  • free basic health care
  • reduced lunch prices at student cafeterias
  • discounts on local buses and long-distance transportation
  • discounts on many public services and free-time activities.

Further information is available on the website of the Student Union.

Plan your financing

As an international student it is important to concider how to finance your studies in Finland.  You are required to cover your everyday living expences like food, accommodation, travel, insurance, etc. For your everyday living expenses, we recommend that you reserve at least 700-900 euros per month.

Part-time work is allowed for students of all nationalities, but part-time work may not be easy to find especially if you do not know Finnish or Swedish. That's why you should not base your financial plans solely on the option of finding part-time employment. Also, keep in mind that earnings from possible part-time work may not in themselves be sufficient to cover all your expenses. If you need a residence permit to study in Finland, then you need to show that you enough resources to live in Finland for one year. Plans to cover your staying by working in Finland are not acceptable, there is a residence permit for working for that!

Scholarships for Master’s studies

We cannot provide scholarships for living expenses for MSc students, and thus you need to find a scholarship elsewhere. There are numerous different international scholarship portals on the Internet - for example, for information on scholarships available for studies and research in the European countries, you might wish to visit the Studyportals for Scholarships site.

You might wish to check if you would be eligible to apply for some study abroad scholarships in your home country, and from international organisations and foundations. For information on these, please turn to the educational advisers and authorities in your home country.

Some domestic scholarship options:

USA: Fulbright
Colombia: Colfuturo
Ecuador: El Programa de Becas “UNIVERSIDADES DE EXCELENCIA” 
Indonesia: LPDP(Lembaga Pengelolaan Dana Pendidikan)
Kazakhstan: Bolashak International Scholarship
KoreaGovernmental Scholarships for masters and Phd Students, 국비유학
Mexico: Conacyt
Pakistan: Higher Education Commission
Russia: Global Education Program

Other considerations:

The scholarship is awarded for two academic years. However, the scholarship awarded for the second year is conditional and tied to the progress of the student’s studies. The prerequisite for the scholarship to continue in the second academic year is that the student has completed a minimum of 55 ECTS credits of studies that are included in his or her degree during the first academic year (transferred credits are not taken into consideration). If the above prerequisite is not met, the conditional scholarship awarded for the second academic year can be discontinued on this basis. The student is heard in the matter before a decision to discontinue the scholarship is made.   

The UEF does not offer selected students any additional funding, financial aid or working opportunities. Therefore, students must be able to cover all their own living costs in Finland independently. Finding any other funding opportunities is also the responsibility of the students himself/herself. One’s own finances are one of the requirements for the Finnish residence permit, and finances need to be available permanently on a student's bank account for the whole period the permit is applicable. Completely financing one's stay and studies in Finland by working is not possible, though part-time work may be available. For more information about the residence permit, please see the Finnish government’s Immigration service at

For further information, see:



If you have any questions about tuition fees or scholarships, please don't hesitate to contact: mdp-tmm(at)