Welcome to the website of the International Master's Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management (TMM) at the University of Eastern Finland

The degree

TMM is a two-year (120ECTS) Master's Degree Programme, organized by University of Eastern Finland, Business School. The programme, staff and students are located in beautiful Joensuu, Finland, a small and peaceful town in Eastern Finland. After graduation, our students receive the degree of Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration. 

The application period for studies starting in autumn 2021 will be 1 December 2020 - 20 January 2021 at 15.00 (GMT+2). Please read more about applying by clicking "How to apply?"

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We are looking for students who have finished or are about to finish a bachelor's degree, who can fluently speak and write English, and who have studied at least one year (60ECTS) of business studies. 

Read more about the eligibility criteria.

Scholarship and tuition fees

Tuition fee for our programme is 8000 € per year for non-EU students. There are no tuition fees for students coming from the European Union or ETA countries.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the University of Eastern Finland, all new students admitted in 2020 are eligible to receive a partial tuition waiver. In the Master’s Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management, the tuition waiver is 50% of the annual tuition fee. For the second year of study, tuition waivers are available to students who have completed a minimum of 55 ECTS of studies included in their degree, during their first year of study.

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Are you a student we are looking for?

If you are interested in making tourism better, you might be the perfect match for us. Making tourism better does not only mean that it is more competitive or profitable but also sustainable for future generations as well as local communities. We use the knowledge we have, and learn, to add value to tourism and influence people and organizations to make tourism better for the planet, for businesses, for the science and future generations. We want to give the opportunity to study with us to the best of those who have the required skills and knowledge to work with us, no matter where they come from and what their ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other personal attribute might be. 

Familiarize yourself with our values, mission and vision and see if it resonates with you. 

Why apply

The learning experience in our programme is quite unique. Our students and staff form a professional team that tackles many contemporary issues in tourism business development. Our programme works closely with the tourism industry and our students learn about tourism marketing and management from various perspectives. We are transparent and open in our actions and treat everyone equally.

We value professional attitude, teamwork, and sustainability, and all of these aspects are built into our studies and courses.  Our study environment is safe for everyone and flexible, but we also require a lot of work from our students to contribute to our mission of making tourism better. Our programme is thematically focused on nature tourism, wellbeing tourism, digital business, and sustainability, forming a unique programme in business studies. 

Besides making tourism better, first and foremost we want to provide our students with the best possible tools and chances to succeed in life after graduation.

If you want to have even more reasons to come and study with us, see them here

Read more about how to apply and see the documents you will need.

What is it like to study tourism business at Tourism Marketing and Management?

The best way to keep up to date with what is happening is to follow our programme on Facebook and follow our students on Instagram. We also have a blog that the staff and the students constantly update. You should also join our e-mail list

How to apply?

Application period for the studies starting in 2021 will be 1 December 2020 – 20 January 2021 at 15.00 (GMT+2). Please fill in the application form at Studyinfo.

If you are interested in our programme, please join our e-mail list.

Who are we?

Tourism Marketing and Management is run by a team of three people: Professor Raija Komppula, programme manager Juho Pesonen and university lecturer Henna Konu.

 Dr. Juho Pesonen
 Programme manager, head of e-tourism research

 E-mail: juho.pesonen (at) uef.fi

tel: +358 40 184 2698 (Also on WhatsApp!)




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In his research, Juho focuses on how information and communication technologies are changing tourism business, tourists, and their behavior. He also has a keen interest in destination marketing in digital channels. These topics are also reflected in the courses Juho teaches:



Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism Business

Destination Marketing

Practical Tourism Research

Introduction to Tourism Marketing and Management

Introduction to Tourism Studies



Raija Komppula

email: raija.komppula (at) uef.fi

 tel: +358 50 438 7475



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Destination Management

Consumer Behavior

Master's Thesis


 Dr. Olga Hannonen
 University lecturer

 email: olga.hannonen (at) uef.fi







Experience Design

Current Research in Tourism

Practical Tourism Research