Give a face to your programme!

The purpose of this section of the website is to further convince your reader that it will pay off selecting your programme. It also gives a face to your programme and brings it closer to your reader. People are always interested in real-life experiences.

You can showcase testimonials by existing students and alumni, either on the one and the same page (using relevant sub-headings, of course), or by making separate sub-links. The ways in which you can make the voices of your existing students and alumni heard are endless, really. You might want to use the traditional approach and post a letter from a student or an alumnus/alumna on your website, or you might want to add links to student and alumni blogs on your page. Another thing worth considering is using video. Remember also that if you carry out feedback surveys among your students, open answers can be an excellent source of material for the Students' voices section of your website.

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