Tunniste / Course Code


Nimi / Name

Profitable Tourism Business

Laajuus / ECTS


Tyyppi  / Level (esim. perusopinnot, aineopinnot)

advanced level studies



Opinto-oikeus (?)

Tourism marketing and management master’s students

Suositeltu suoritusaika

first year of TMM studies

Tuntimäärä / Hours (?)

Total 135:

  • 30 hours lectures and exercises in classroom
  • 45 hours individual learning
  • 50 hours collaborative group work
  • 10 hours group work presentations

Arvostelu / Grading



Business school

Opettajat / Teacher

Raija Komppula


Kuvaus / Syllabus:


Osaamistavoitteet (pakollinen) / Learning outcomes (compulsory)

Knowledge related: Student can

- understand the concepts, functions and skills required for establishing a new tourism business

- understand the basic concepts and procedures of financial accounting

- understand the economic principles behind tourism business operations

- explain the determinants of profitability in tourism businesses, and how operational profit is generated

- explain the role of budgets and performance reports in planning and control

- understand the requirements of different kinds of legislation in hospitality and tourism industry

Skills related: Student can

- understand the principles of how to generate operational profit

- analyze and interpret financial information for both managerial purposes and the needs of outside stakeholders

- make a realistic business plan

Sisältö (pakollinen) / Content

budgeting, pricing, investments, financial calculations, revenue management, business plan

Suoritustavat (pakollinen) / Teaching Methods

  • 30 hours lectures and exercises in classroom
  • 55 hours individual learning
  • 50 hours collaborative group work

Toteutustavat / Study Modes

group work and individual assignment

Oppimateriaalit / Study Material

materials given during the lectures

Arvosteluperusteet (pakollinen) / Assessment


Edellytykset / Prerequisites:

bachelor degree

Ajankohta / Time

spring term

Tarjontatieto / Level

students of Tourism Marketing and Management master’s program

Avainsanat / Key word

tourism business, profitability, business plan

Kampus / Campus


Lisätietoja/ Further information

Opetuksen kieli (pakollinen tieto) / Teaching language