Courses and programme structure 2020-2021

Master's Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management 120 ECTS

Master's Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management provides students comprehensive knowledge on how to manage and market tourism businesses and destinations in modern, global tourism field. The studies focus on understanding the customer, creating value for all people and organizations involved in tourism, small and medium-sized enterprises, and on the wellbeing of tourists, nature, businesses and local people. The education will give the students knowledge and tools to work in various positions in the field, such as an entrepreneur, a destination marketer, social media specialist, business manager or a consultant, just to name a few examples. Focus on technology, wellbeing, and responsible tourism will give the student a great position to work in the field of tourism with skills and knowledge respected and sought after by employers. The students become problem solvers who enjoy challenges and want to see the effects of their work. They are critical thinkers who can identify and tackle complex problems in the field of tourism. They are creative, service-oriented, quality conscious and hard working. These aims are achieved in the programme with the latest academic knowledge combined with real-life business challenges.

Structure of the degree

Joensuu campus: Tourism Marketing and Management


Advanced level studies in Tourism Marketing and Management 80 ECTS

Courses in Major 40 ECTS

Master’s Thesis and Seminar 40  op

Other Studies 40 ECTS


5216700   Tourism Marketing and Management (80 ECTS)
Master’s thesis and seminar 40 ECTS  
5216701   Master’s Thesis and Maturity Test, Tourism Marketing and Management 30 ECTS
5216716   Master’s Thesis Seminar in Tourism Marketing and Management 5 ECTS
5216706   Current Research in Tourism 5 ECTS

Compulsory courses (40 ECTS):

5216703 Tourist Behavior 6 ECTS
5211325 Destination Marketing 6 ECTS
5216704 Destination Management 6 ECTS
5211326 Experience Design 6 ECTS
5216705 Information Technology in Tourism Business 6 ECTS
Compulsory Research method courses (10 ECTS)
5216721 Qualitative research methods in tourism business 5 ECTS
5216722 Quantitative research methods in tourism business 5 ECTS


Students admitted to the international master’s degree programme in Tourism Marketing and Management must conduct advanced –level studies in major (80 ECTS) in English.

If you choose more courses in your major, you may reduce the number of ECTS credits in other studies accordingly.

Other Studies 40 ECTS:

Compulsory courses:

5216718 Introduction to Tourism Marketing and Management 2 ECTS
5216709 Introduction to Tourism Studies 5 ECTS or 5211214 Service Orientation 6 ECTS
5216714 Personal Study Plan 1 ECTS
5216717 Profitable Tourism Business 5 ECTS

For MDP students who do not have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent degree from a Finnish university of applied sciences:
1131003 Orientation for International Students 1 ECTS
8031003 University Study Skills 1 ECTS
8031006 University Computing Skills 2 ECTS
8020300 Information Skills and Sources in Social Sciences for International Studies 1 ECTS

Elective Courses:

Students choose elective courses to fulfill the minimum of 120 ECTS credits required of a master’s degree. These can include courses from their Major or separate courses from other majors, courses completed in international exchange, and courses offered in Finnish. This section can also include a full minor of at least 25 ECTS offered by other Business School majors or other departments or faculties.

Recommended courses for elective studies:

5216719 Tourism Marketing Case Studies 1-6 ECTS
5216720 Tourism Promotion at a Travel Fair 3-6 ECTS
5216712 Project work in Tourism Business 1-6 ECTS
5216711 Practical training 2-6 ECTS
5216713 Other Course in Tourism Business 1-6 ECTS


Complementary studies (not included in the Master's degree 120 ECTS):
Finnish students with foreign Bachelor's degrees, please see "Tutkintojen kielitaitovaatimukset":