Warning about active phishing against University of Eastern Finland

6 August 2018

For the past few days University of Eastern Finland has been a target of exceptionally active phishing. Some of the phishing messages have been sent from external addresses and some from compromised UEF accounts. Probably the phishing will go on and you may receive new phishing messages. Phishing messages are often sent at end of office hours, in the evening or during weekend when administrators are not at work.

UEF IT Services never sends messages like this to their users, especially messages with links to external addresses. Please delete these phishing messages and do not click links in the messages.

Usually phishing is used to gain control of user email accounts and to send phishing messages and junk email. UEF IT Services has received a lot of reports about the phishing messages from our users and we have published warnings about the messages in Yammer's Tietotekniikkapalvelut / IT Services message group (#informationsecurityalert).

If you receive a phishing message, please check from Yammer if there is already a warning about the message.

If you have already clicked link to the phishing site and if you have written your account information to the web page, please change your password immediately.
Instructions: https://www.uef.fi/en/web/tipa/unohditko-salasanasi

Also report the incident to abuse@uef.fi

If you have not clicked links in any of the phishing messages, your account is not compromised. However, if you want you can change your password following instructions above.


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