Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) enables reliable identification of the Office 365 users and prevents the phishing and abuse of usernames. Multi-factor authentication will be asked when you login to O365 environment outside of the university network with some other than a trusted device. You will receive a notification to authenticate the login attempt with the authentication method you have chosen beforehand.

Do not approve a request to login if you yourself are not logging in. Even if a phisher succesfully gets your credentials, they won't be able to use the credentials if you do not approve the request to login.


Register yourself as an MFA user. The registration makes the first sign in after MFA has been deployed, easier. If you do not register before deployment, the registration will be forced the first time you login outside of university network after the deployment of MFA.

MFA has four authentication methods available:

  • Approve a request on my Microsoft Authenticator app
  • Use a verification code from my mobile app (Microsoft Authenticator)
  • Text message to a phone number
  • A phone call to a phone number

You do not have to deploy all of the authentication methods. Minimum requirement is a work phone number, but if you don't have it always with you, it is recommended to also deploy your personal phone number.

Most of the native mobile apps don't work with MFA, we recommend you install the Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android app to your phone if needed.

Proceed as follows:

  • Register as an MFA-user in your computer:
    • Registration instructions (PDF)
    • You are ready for multi-factor authentication if you have at least one of the options in the MFA setup deployed
    • Watch the video how to register:
  • If you want: deploy Microsoft Authenticator during the registration or later. We do not require you to use it, but it is an easy way to authenticate yourself.

You are ready for multi-factor authentication if you have at least one of the options in the MFA setup deployed.



You can modify your authentication setup here:

You can add or remove phone numbers, add Authenticator, and modify the preferred option. The "Save"-button will be activated only if you make changes.

Trusted devices

With trusted devices you can login without multi-factor authentication even outside of the university UEF-network. The UEF computers of users with MFA deployed will be added as trusted devices.


You can contact the IT Servicedesk in case of problems: Service contact

Get to know the Frequently asked questions (PDF)




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