IT Services training for staff

Take a look at our current training offers and upgrade your knowledge by making use of our diverse course selection. Improve your software usage and file management skills, take control of the new digital work environment and deepen your information security know-how.
Invite an instructor to your department or research group meeting, free of charge. The training can be delivered with Skype for Business. We can also customize training for your specific requirements.
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Basic Win10 Usage in the UEF Environment 1h

Have the computers in your department been replaced and the familiar operating system upgraded? Where to find software and how to install more tools on my workstation? This course offers instructions for more efficient Win10 operating system basic usage, such as choosing your default software tools, the desktop view, introduction to the menus and guidance on Win10 networking in the university.


E-Services in UEF 1h

Applications on paper format will soon vanish into history. What to do when UEF moves into the digital age and new service channels are introduced? This course walks through the service channels upgraded in the digitalization process and how to use the E-Services.

Skype for Business and Outlook 2016 Calendar for Event Organizers 1h

This course is mainly directed at Skype meeting organizers. Lesser-known features of the online training tool are introduced (such as the differences between a presenter and a participant, whiteboard, polls)

How to Use OneDrive for Business 1h

Unfamiliar with storing information in the cloud? Do you want to access your files from home, workplace and various devices?
The course walks through the most common OnDrive features, such as saving files, syncing them and sharing with other users. Installing OneDrive on a workstation, versioning and backups.

OneNote Basics for Beginners 1½h

Do you want to learn how to create notes efficiently and how to easily and quickly search through them for the information you need? This course walks through the most common OneNote features, such as notebooks, sections, pages, searches, sharing notes with other users and history data.


Miilu Reporting Portal 30 min

How to find the number of degrees completed, the details of faculty funding, the researcher with the most publications, or the trends in instructor or research personnel human resources?
The Miilu reporting portal offers up to date reports in support of the university’s functions, put together from various information systems. The Miilu course introduces the portal’s report sets, basic functions and the principles of user privileges. We also offer customized training on the various subsections of Miilu (Helmi, Massi, Opri, Taika, Tutka).