User authorisation application and external users

NB! If you are a UEF student or staff (employment contract) or your information has been recorded in Mepco, do NOT fill the paper application!


The access rights validity period is determined by:

  • UEF student’s study right and registration status
  • The validity period determined by the contract in Mepco
  • The validity period determined by the external application approved by the department


We do not process paper applications if the user has or has had a UEF-user account. 


Applications for user authorisation must always be approved by the unit concerned before forwarding them to the IT servicedesk.

Additional instructions:

  • Applications must be filled with a clear handwriting, or on the computer if possible!
  • Deliver the application to your own department for approval.
  • For impartiality, applications will be processed in order of their arrival.
  • It will take 2-5 workdays to process the applications after they arrive at IT ServiceDesk.
  • If the application is only partially filled, we will have to the research the missing information or return the application to the department – all which will result in a delay.
  • Always provide an original paper document with genuine signatures from the applicant and the approver.
  • For security reasons, scanned document files emailed to us will not be accepted.


click here for the user authorisation application


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