I have forgotten my password, how do I get a new one?

You can reset your password with Finnish online banking codes here or visit IT Servicedesk with your ID card (http://www.uef.fi/en/web/tipa/asiointipalvelut)

How do I login to the UEF-email?

Login with username@uef.fi. Notice that the email address is username@student.uef.fi or forename.surname@uef.fi. 

Who gets a UEF email?

Every student and staff of UEF gets an email address automatically, that is set as the primary email address.  When student email has been taken into use, primary email cannot be changed.
By the UEF email policy every student will have a UEF student email that is set as the primary email.

Can I forward UEF emails to my private email?

Staff is not allowed to forward emails to external addresses, more information can be found in university’s email policy .
A student can forward their emails to an external address. Instructions can be found here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Forward-email-to-another-email-account-1ed4ee1e-74f8-4f53-a174-86b748ff6a0e

How should I format my password?

The length of the password is 10-16 characters. It is possible to set a longer password from a UEFAD computer, but some systems might not work with a longer password
The password may not contain your name or your username
The password must contain three character types from the following four categories

  • capital letters: A-Z
  • small letters: a-z
  • numbers: 0-9
  • special characters: !@#$%/,.;:-_*=+?

In other words, your password can contain, for example, capital letters, numbers and special characters
Do not use Scandinavian characters (åäö, ÅÄÖ)

Who gets a UEF username/account?

Every student and staff of UEF gets a UEF username. UEF user account is admitted automatically in the beginning of an employment or student right. New individuals can activate their account with Finnish online banking codes or by visiting the Servicedesk with their ID card.

If the user has had a UEF username before, the account rights will automatically move under the username. The account can be taken into use by changing the password.

How and when will I get the user account?

The full rights will become effective as soon as the employment contract starts officially, or the study right is valid AND you have registered as a present student. 

The account can be activated two weeks before an employment contract starts. The account can be used in about an hour after the activation.

A student can activate their account the next day they have a study right in Oodi.

I am not staff or student, can I have a UEF account?

A UEF account can be applied for docents, emeriti and others not directly employed at the UEF nor . A username can be applied via a separate application form also to other people. If the user has had a username, the access rights have to be applied via an electronic application. You can contact your faculty’s secretary for the application.

People with no previous UEF accounts fill the separate paper form.

How long is the UEF account valid?

The validity of a user account depends on the study rights or employment contract. If the study right or employment contract continues, so does the validity of the user account. Others than rights based on employment or studies, are fixed-term rights and they do not continue automatically.

If the employment contract is not recorded in personnel information system Mepco, or the student register does not include a study right, the username has a separate contract. Access rights based on staff rights can be applied in asiointi.uef.fi. In an exceptional case, contact the HR secretary of your department.

My studies are ending, what happens to my UEF account?

The account rights tied into your username will automatically end with your studies. The user account will automatically be shut down. 

Your UEF email is valid for 6 months after the end of your studies.  

My employment is ending, what happens to my UEF account?

After the employment contract has ended, the user account and the rights tied into it will automatically end. Please be careful especially with the availability of your files from your computer and take necessary files with you in advance.


Your email is valid for 60 days after the employment contract has ended.


I need to continue using my email, what do I have to do?

There are cases the department wants to continue the email account of a staff member whose employment has ended. The email account rights can be extended for a fixed-term with an electronic application by your HR secretary. 


I am a visitor, can I have a username?

A temporary visitor account can be used for temporary access to UEF computers. Visitor account can be applied for in the asiointi.uef.fi by UEF staff. The visitor account is valid for using the campus computers.


What is my primary email?

Staff email address is set as the primary email automatically. If you get an email about changed primary email, most likely you have previously had another email address set as the primary email. When you are using staff email, it is always set as the primary email.

Student primary email is username@student.uef.fi. When O365 email has been taken into use, it cannot be changed to another email.

I cannot log in to the email, Weboodi, Moodle, etc.

Your password can be expired, it has to be changed every 6 months


Have you registered for the semester?

You might have a light account if you have not been identified strongly yet, please visit the Servicedesk with an ID card.

Where can I find SPSS?

You can download the SPSS and find the form to get the license in Heimo:


I need a program to my university computer, where can I download it?

Software Center can be found on university computers and the user can install the programs found there.

Some applications are virtualized and can be found under App-V folder on the start menu.

Staff can order licenses from asiointi.uef.fi to programs not included in those places. The Servicedesk will handle the installation of other programs.

Where can I download Office to my computer?


Instructions for installation:

How do I sign in to Skype for Business?

Sign in address: your email address in the long form (username@student.uef.fi or forename.surname@uef.fi)
Username: username@uef.fi
Password: your UEF password

How do I get to use the wireless network?

UEF is a part of Eduroam, which is a worldwide network for universities and researchers.

Eduroam provides a safe and eas wireless connection to the internet for free. The members of the university can use eduroam-network also in other Eduroam-organizations around the globe.

You can log in to the network by using your credentials: username@uef.fi and your password.

If the network doesn’t work in your device just by selecting eduroam as the network of choice, you can install an Eduroam Configuration Assistant that solves the problem: https://cat.eduroam.org .

After the installation it will ask you the username (give it as username@uef.fi) and your password twice.



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