About the School of Theology

Key figures 2018

32 bachelor's degrees
43 master's degrees
2 doctoral degrees

32 internationally reviewed
24 domestically reviewed

525 basic degree students
76 postgraduate degree students

8 professors
20 teachers and researchers

The School of Theology in the University of Eastern Finland's Philosophical Faculty (previously the Faculty of Theology in the University of Joensuu in 2002–2009) is a young and dynamic unit that has grown into the country’s second largest training facility of theology in less than ten years. The teaching staff contains some of the best researchers and teachers in various fields of theology. In the 2013 international research assessment, we received the highest possible grade on the quality of research in the Philosophical Faculty. Our staff publishes a considerable number of publications on theological research each year.

From strategy to interaction

The special richness of theology in Joensuu is the encounter and interaction between the Eastern and Western theological traditions. The school’s entire strategy is based on this concept.

The School of Theology has two study programmes, Western Theology and Orthodox Theology, in which employees are trained in particular for the service of the Orthodox church and the educational institution. Orthodox church musicians are also trained in Joensuu. Theology graduates may also work for other religious communities and in various international and intercultural roles.

A modern study environment

As a student, you will have an inspiring and modern environment in which it is good to learn and study theology in all of its forms. We also adopted new modern facilities in 2002. The vitality of our school is based on nationally and internationally recognised high-quality research and education.

The theological community has brought its own addition to the science community of Joensuu. It is visible as vibrant symposium operation and international connections, for example. At the same time, it has enriched the third task of a university, societal service mission and social responsibility. In practice, the school is responsible for theological education in the entirety of Eastern and Northern Finland and it therefore also plays an important role in the educational and cultural development of surrounding areas. Theology students have also benefited from all of this as they are an important part of our scientific community and its reformation.

New, up-to-date and carefully prepared degree requirements ensure that studies progress in a clear and fluent manner all the way to a doctoral degree. As a school, we invest a great deal in the smooth progress of studies and the quality of teaching. As a student, you can also actively affect the planning of education through common feedback days and subject associations – Fides Ostiensis and Pistis.

Multidisciplinary expertise

The research and education of the theological traditions of the East and West support each other. Our expertise is multidisciplinary. Examples include church music and diakonia studies.

The School of Theology cooperates with The International Society For Orthodox Church Music.

The School of Theology offers studies in diakonia theology to students who participate in the ERASMUS exchange programme. More information on studying diakonia is available on the Wikipedia page of the School of Theology: To study theology and DIAKONIA in Joensuu.

Matti Kotiranta
Head of the School of Theology