Lines of Study in Orthodox Theology

The education at the School of Theology is organised by study programmes. Each line of study has its own degree structure. The degrees consist of general and language studies, classical language studies and basic and intermediate studies in theology The different lines of study also include applied studies and teacher’s pedagogical studies as well as musical studies.

The study programme in Orthodox Theology is divided into three lines of study:

A. Church and culture line of study provides students with the qualification to work in the Orthodox Church as priests and deacons. They will also gain skills for working in other positions in, e.g., the media or cultural life that require expertise in Orthodox theology. The aim of the studies is to familiarise students with the theology, history and present state of the Orthodox Church.

B. Theology for Teachers line of study includes teacher’s pedagogical studies which qualify students to work as teachers on all class levels of basic education, in general upper secondary schools, vocational education institutions and adult education. In addition to the pedagogical studies, students are required to complete the higher university degree and studies of sufficient scope in the particular subject they wish to teach. At the School of Theology, the subject teacher’s line of study qualifies graduates to teach two subjects, i.e. Orthodox religion and another optional subject.

D. Church music line of study qualifies students to work as cantors in the Orthodox Church and prepares them for other positions that necessitate expertise in Orthodox church music.