Applied Studies

The Orthodox Theology study programme includes 3-20 ECTS credits worth of applied studies with the specific scope of the studies depending on the particular line of study. The studies are offered jointly with the Orthodox Seminary.

All the lines of study include compulsory Liturgical Practices (3-8 ECTS) whereby students familiarise themselves with Orthodox liturgical literature and with the services of the ecclesiastical year. They will also acquaint themselves with the services and ceremonies (baptism, marriage, funerals) of the fast seasons, the Great Week and the great feasts.

In addition to Liturgical Practices, students in the Church and culture line of study also complete Homiletic Practices (3 ECTS), and students in the Church and culture and Church


Supervising Teacher
Teacher in Orthodox seminar Mikko Sidoroff
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Contact person in School of Theology
University researcher Pekka Metso
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