Orthodox Theology

Orthodox Theology is one of the two study programmes in the School of Theology at the University of Eastern Finland.

The training of theologians started at the University of Joensuu in 1988, when the Orthodox priest seminar that operated in Kuopio was terminated and a department of Orthodox theology was established in cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities. In 2002, the Faculty of Theology became an independent unit that was formed around Western and Orthodox theology. Since then, Joensuu has offered a complete alternative among other theological faculties in Finland. The Faculty of Theology was formed into the School of Theology in 2010 as part of the Philosophical Faculty at the University of Eastern Finland.

The academic subjects of Orthodox theology include Church History, Practical Theology, Systematic Theology and Patristics and Church Music. Biblical Studies and Comparative Religion are common academic subjects for the study programmes of Orthodox and Western Theology. There is also a variable number of opportunities to cooperate across study programme boundaries in other academic subjects.

The vibrant interaction between Orthodox and Western tradition is a richness of theological education in Joensuu.

Each academic subject has two teachers: a professor and a university lecturer. Both carry out high-quality research in their discipline. The teaching work of a university lecturer is focused on basic and intermediate studies, and that of a professor on intermediate and advanced studies.

Particularly through Applied Studies, the Orthodox theology education in Joensuu has versatile connections to the Finnish Orthodox Church and its parishes.

The students of Orthodox theology have a subject association called Pistis, that was established in 1988.

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