Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies open up the Bible

Students studying Biblical Studies familiarise themselves with the foundation of Christianity: The Old and the New Testament. They explore questions such as: How did the first Christians and early Jews believe, live and think? What kind of a world did they inhabit? What did the authors of the Bible originally want to say?

Understanding the creation and original meaning of the Biblical texts is a good basis for applying them to the modern world. This improves the use of the Bible in church and in people’s personal lives..

Academic research of the Bible and study of the source languages are not tied to the interpretations of any denomination. Therefore, at the University of Eastern Finland they are subjects taught in both Western Theology and Orthodox Theology study programmes.

High-Quality Research

What did Jesus mean by his parables? Is it possible for us to understand Paul’s thoughts?

In the University of Eastern Finland, the Biblical Studies conducts international-level and innovative exegetical research. The main area of interest is the biblical texts. We study the message they contain, the translations and early interpretations. Central methods include rhetorical and narrative research and argumentation analysis. Patristic exegesis provides a different viewpoint to the analysis.

The strong areas of exegetical research include the study of the thinking and rhetoric in Paul’s Letters and Catholic Letters, interpretation of parables in the Gospels from a narrative standpoint and study of the Greek language of the Septuagint, the translation of the Old Testament into Greek in the three last centuries BCE.

The research topics in final theses are very diverse; they vary from the semantics of Arabic to the interpretations of Paul’s Letters by the early church fathers and from the thinking of Sermon on the Mount to the strategies of translating children’s Bibles. All students are encouraged to utilise their own expertise whether it be based on earlier studies, occupation or hobbies.

Exegetical research is international by nature and it is based upon close cooperation in the Nordic Countries and in the world.