Quality assurance work

Quality simply means that everything gets done as promised.

The School of Theology supplements the tools offered by the university and faculty with its own operation. Websites that are used include both a Facebook account and a Wikipedia page maintained by the school's persons in charge of quality.

Key feedback channels include Course feedback collected in Oodi is supplemented by open feedback days that are organised twice a year. Experiences of the Applied Studies of Western Theology are compiled annually at an extensive event at the end of a period. The Evangelical Lutheran Church committee that handles the training of theologians transfers diocese feedback. The committee that meets annually operates with the Finnish Orthodox church that also reports in both directions on any needs for change. Working life feedback provided by theology alumni is also valuable.

Quality information in the form of quick courses for students and teachers and more specific information on current affairs is available through the Wiki website on quality assurance. Direct feedback channels are also available there.

More information

Quality Manager: Esko Ryökäs
+358 (0)294 45 2692

Deputy Quality Manager: Pekka Metso
+358 (0)294 45 2651