Joensuu Summer School on Optics 2020: Hyperspectral Imaging

Time: 10-21 August 2020

Campus: Joensuu


Duration and credits: 1 week, 2 ECTS or 2 weeks, 5 ECTS
Teaching Language: English
Level: Master/Doctoral
Max. number of attendees: to be announced
Course coordinator: Contact persons: Juuso Uusimäki ( and Noora Heikkilä (
Responsible department: Department of Physics and Mathematics

Learning outcomes: Theoretical background of hyperspectral imaging: color, color vision, color spectra, data processing, and computational requirements. Case studies on the applications in medicine and biology and hands-on imaging with spectral cameras.   

Contents: The Summer School Hyperspectral Imaging teaches topics related to spectral imaging: theory, devices, processing of the spectral data, and application examples. Lectures include color theory, spectral cameras and their realizations, data processing, and applications. In workshops, we are offering participants hands-on approach into usage and data processing of spectral cameras. The Summer School consists of lectures from experts in the academic field as well as representatives of companies and hands-on workshops.

We reserve the right to make changes to the program during spring 2020.

Key words: color, color spectra, hyperspectral imaging, spectral cameras, applications

Teacher: various lecturers, to be announced