Folklore Fellows' Summer School

Time: 17-23 August 2020

Campus: Joensuu

Duration and credits: 1 week, 10 ECTS
Teaching language: English
Level: Doctoral students in folklore studies and closely related fields
Max. number of attendees: 4 (in addition to 28 already selected)
Application period: 1-29 February 2020
Course coordinator: Pertti Anttonen,  
Responsible department: School of Humanities

Learning outcomes: This course will address various types of relationships between vernacular or folk traditions and the heritage and legacy of violence and power. The participants will gain a number of analytical perspectives that they will be able to apply to their further research and studies.

Content: Analytical perspectives and scholarly discussions on cultural heritage and memory, ethnic cleansing, racism, colonialism, war and games, communication, discourse and circulation of culture, narrativity, hate speech, masking practices, ritual and symbolic performances of violence, animal and gender abuse.

Modes of study: Lectures, workshops, draft papers in advance, oral presentation in workshop, learning diary
Study materials: Will be distributed to the participants in advance via DigiCampus Moodle
Teachers: Prof. Pertti Anttonen with 13 internationally acclaimed scholars in folklore studies and anthropology
Further information: , Info-ffss20