Epic Finnish: Introduction to the Finnish Language and Culture

Time: 10-21 August 2020
Campus: Joensuu

Duration and credits: 2 weeks, 5 ECTS
Teaching language: Finnish, English
Level: all levels with no previous knowledge of the Finnish language
Max. number of attendees: to be announced
Course coordinator: Lauri Tolkki, lauri.tolkki(at)uef.fi
Responsible department: UEF Language Centre
Learning outcomes: The student will be able to:

  • greet and introduce oneself
  • describe briefly topics pertaining to themselves and their daily life
  • ask and give basic information in Finnish
  • understand and produce simple written and oral messages
  • report current and future events

The student will also be aware of basic characteristics of the Finnish language and become familiar with some essential features of the Finnish culture and way of life.


  • pronunciation and characteristics of the Finnish language
  • introducing oneself; family and home; food, hobbies and pastime activities; transportation; numbers, months and weekdays; time and times of the day; colours, clothes.
  • most common expressions and responses in daily interaction
  • daily routines
  • shopping, requests
  • sentence formation and questions
  • characteristics of the Finnish culture and way of life

Modes of study: Participating in instruction and completing course assignments and exercises. The minimum attendance requirement for contact teaching is 80 %. Attendance of the first session is required to secure a place on the course. Course-specific, practical arrangements are agreed during the first session. Neither the course nor any of its parts are eligible for substitution.
Teaching methods: Lectures, spoken and written pair and group exercises and independent study, simulations and excursions. You should reserve 162 hours of total working time for the course, including participation in the social programme offered by the Summer School, which is an integral part of the course.
The maximum number of contact teaching hours is 36, some of which may be arranged in another manner agreed by the teacher and class.
Study materials: Online material and other material
Evaluation criteria: Numerical 5–0. A final exam and continuous evaluation.
Active participation in group instruction (at least 80 % attendance), completing course assignments, and final exam. The course grade (5–0) is based on both continuous evaluation and course assignment and exam grades. The minimum score required to pass the final exam is 60 % of the maximum total score.
Teachers: Tapio Hokkanen (UEF) and Katri Niemi (UEF)