Methods and Applications of Uncertainty Modelling

Modern, state-of-the-art scientific research and the development of new technologies increasingly seeks to make use of computational science technologies in the analysis of data and to replace traditional experiments with computer simulations in the study of different phenomena. However, the application of computational science technologies to new and increasingly complex phenomena is challenging due to the fact that mathematical models of problems involve uncertainties and simplifications, which are generally regarded as extremely difficult, if not impossible, to model and control.   The key theme of this research area is to develop computational methods based on mathematical and statistical modelling both for data analysis and for the controlling of uncertainties of mathematical models used in computer simulations. The main applications of the research area include medical imaging, photonics applications, sustainable management of natural resources (remote sensing in forests, mapping of water resources, management of industrial wastewaters), and climate change research (improving the accuracy of climate change models). The research area collaborates with several other UEF research areas, as well as with the Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research.

Research area directors/ contact persons: Professor Marko Vauhkonen, Professor Ville Kolehmainen and Professor Jari Kaipio