The annual Social Psychology Days 2019 are held in Kuopio on April 11-12, 2019. The theme of the conference is Conflicts:
Against – Social Psychological Perspectives on Conflicts.

Today’s society suffers from many social and political conflicts, which do not yet have clear explanations and solutions. Polarization of society, extremism, nationalism, discrimination, online hatred, inequality, genocide and climate change are examples of such topical issues that create tensions between groups and people. Besides many intergroup conflicts, conflicts appear in all levels of social life, for example, as work life conflicts or as mental health problems. Our approach to the theme is broad; conflicts are regarded as intergroup, interpersonal and individual level phenomena, and as a topic that is not just relevant for social psychology, but a topic that crosses boundaries between disciplines and often requires interdisciplinary dialogue.

The keynote speakers are Associate Professor Michał Bilewicz (University of Warsaw), Professor Anu Kantola (University of Helsinki) and Professor Atte Oksanen (University of Tampere).

Welcome to Kuopio!

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