Welcome to the International Study Programme in Social Sciences!

The International Study Programme in Social Sciences is a non-degree programme in English at the University of Eastern Finland. The study programme offers courses in English to both international and Finnish students. One aim of the programme is to create opportunities for multicultural learning in the classroom. This programme on Social Sciences builds on years of experience that the University of Eastern Finland accumulated from successfully offering multiple other international study programmes.

Courses are offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies in the fields of Business and Management, Philosophy, Social & Public Policy, Sociology, Social Work and Health and Social Management. Please note that the University of Eastern Finland operates on two campuses. The courses involving contact teaching can be chosen from one campus only because the distance between the campuses is 150 kilometres (two hours). However, there are a number of online courses and courses completed by taking book exams available for students of both campuses.

Contact courses in the following fields are available in Joensuu campus:

  • Sociology
  • Social and Public Policy
  • Philosophy
  • Business and Management

Contact courses in the following fields are available in Kuopio campus:

  • Social Work
  • Health and Social Management
  • Business and Management

How to apply?

Information about the application process for the students intending to apply for admission to the International Study Programme in Social Sciences is found here: http://www.uef.fi/en/web/admissions/exchange-students

Students can enrol for one or two semesters in the programme. Most of the courses are appropriate for undergraduates, though some courses are designed for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. The student must have completed at least one year of university studies in Social Sciences or a related field to be admitted. Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Home institutions usually require students to earn a specific number of credits abroad. Please read the course descriptions and requirements carefully and consult the staff of the home university and, if needed, that of the host university in the process of writing your learning agreement. Do not hesitate to request additional information from us.

The annual application deadlines are

  • 30 April for autumn semester (September - December) or full academic year (September - May) studies
  • 30 September for spring semester (January - May) studies