About the School

Key figures 2017

241 bachelor's degrees
139 master's degrees
4 doctoral degrees

68 internationally reviewed
8 domestically reviewed

1,283 basic degree students
74 postgraduate degree students

46 int'l basic degree students
11 int'l postgraduate degree students
299 exchange students

12 professors
81 teachers and researchers

The School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education is located in Joensuu, and it is a unit that carries out research-based teacher education. The school is in charge of training kindergarten teachers and class teachers as well as textile and home economics teachers and for the pedagogic education of teachers at the University of Eastern Finland.

The School offers the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree in early education and graduate as a kindergarten teacher. The Master of Education degree can be completed with a major in Education, Home Economics or Craft Science. Majoring in Education qualifies graduates to work as class teachers, while a major in Home Economics or Craft Studies provides a subject teacher's qualification.