Educational Use of Information and Communication Technologies, 25 ECTS

Would you be interested in taking part in the development of new ways to unify the recreational and the educational use of information and communication technologies? Are you interested in improving your skills in applying information and communication technologies in teaching and learning?

In the Educational Use of Information and Communication Technologies minor study module, you will analyse the significance of the media use of children and youth in relation to the society, community and individuals from theoretical and practical viewpoints. During the studies, you will also develop a curriculum and put it into practice in your chosen school.

The module offers great flexibility. You can study at your own pace. Three period-based study units are completed as online courses and one as a project which you can plan and schedule yourself.

In the online courses, you can form networks with students from other universities since you will be studying with students from the University of Helsinki, the University of Turku, the University of Lapland as well as the University of Eastern Finland.

This study module is freely available as a minor subject to all students of the university. You can register for the minor study module in WebOodi, course code: 2321300.

Contact Information

University Teacher Susanna Pöntinen
0294 45 2680

Amanuensis Anne Loikkanen
0294 45 2798