Degree Programme in Class Teacher Education

The Degree Programme in Class Teacher Education qualifies graduates to work as class teachers. The programme can be completed in about five years. During the five years students will first complete the Bachelor of Arts (Education) degree (180 ECTS) and then the Master of Arts (Education) degree (120 ECTS). The MA degree also makes students eligible to pursue postgraduate studies.


The programme provides students with the skills to work independently and to constantly review and develop their work. Due to the diverse education, there is a demand for our graduates outside the realm of teaching as well.

How to Apply

Applying to the Degree Programme in Class Teacher Education is a two-part process. In the first stage all applicants take the national VAKAVA entrance examination which is based either on a book or on a set of scholarly articles. Based on the VAKAVA examination, applicants are chosen to the second stage of the application process, i.e. the aptitude test which consists of an interview and a group situation. The final admissions are based on the aptitude test and the matriculation examination grades. Further information about applying can be found in the University of Eastern Finland Application Guide (Finnish).

You can apply for the Degree Programme in Class Teacher Education via

Overview of Studies

Students studying in the Degree Programme in Class Teacher Education major in Education. The studies in Education also include Teacher’s Pedagogical Studies (60 ECTS). Studies in Education develop students’ pedagogical competences in teaching and their skills in scholarly thinking and exploratory work approach.

The Class Teacher Education also includes the Multidisciplinary Study Programme in Basic Education (60 ECTS) which provides students with the competence to teach different subjects and to develop their teaching work.

The methods of study vary across study units. They include, for example, lectures, exercises, seminars, exams and independent work. The studies also include supervised teaching practice in the University Teacher Training School and in municipal schools or corresponding educational institutions.

Subject Teacher Qualification

By choosing as a minor subject to study 60 ECTS credits worth of courses in a subject that is also taught in basic education, the student will, after completing the Master’s degree, be qualified to teach the subject in basic education (classes 1-9). 

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